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Ellu Pure Pre & Post Shave Oil

100% Natural Organic Skin Care Keeping Your Face And Skin Soft…


Pre & Post Shave Oil


For A Close, Effortless, Shave For All Skin Types

Prepare, protect and nourish your skin. If you’re tired of beating your face up every morning, suffering from nicks and cuts, and just feeling like your skin is raw and red, we have the solution… Ellu Pure’s Pre and Post shave oil will prepare, protect and replenish your skin…

Moisturises your skin.

All natural, anit-bacterial, packed full of vitamins & minerals. Reduces shaving burn, rashes, nicks, cuts, ingrown hairs. Dramatically improves the condition of your skin. Great scent of clove, cedar, patchouli and juniper Nourish-apply before shaving. Protect-create a barrier under shave soap. Repair-apply post shave.
Don’t trust your skin’s health to just any or numerous products! Ellu Pure Pre & Post Shave Oil keeps your skin care simple and pure.

100ml 100% organic, odourless sesame oil enriched with pure clove, cedar, patchouli and juniper oils.
Bottled in the UK

LOOK & FEEL GREAT – Exceptional all-in-one oil provides an amazing Barrier, then Protects your skin as you shave and nourishes it afterwards. Prevent razor burn with the natural anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties – a natural repair kit to give good health to your skin.

This all-in-one shave oil will:

Softens hairs, protect skin, creates smooth, close shave.
Moisturise – Presence of fatty acids along with linoleic acid creates an effective moisturiser for your skin. No other natural oil does it as effectively.
Cleanses and Eliminates toxins – The outer layer of the skin is exposed to almost all dangerous toxins from the environment every day. Luckily, some toxins are soluble in oil, and you can remove them with the help of our Sesame oil based products as it is an natural enabler of the toxin removal process.
Improves blood circulation – it easily penetrates deep into your pores, and this penetrative power helps our oil to work from inside the surface of skin, regulating the circulation of blood.
It supports your skin’s natural regenerative process
Prevents the appearances of wrinkles and small pores in your skin
Effective at reducing scars
Helps to prevent ingrown hairs
Easily absorbed post shave, so leaves no greasy residue
We use 100% Organic Sesame Oil (which is odourless) and add in some essential oils that are carefully selected to support the shaving process, and leave your skin feeling and smelling great! When you use Ellu Pure’s Pre and Post Shave Oil you’ll Nourish, Protect and Repair your skin – it’s naturally packed full of vitamins E, K and B6, magnesium, copper, calcium, iron, zinc and essential fatty acids.

The benefits of sesame oil are just amazing…

Give your skin a blast of vitamins and minerals every time you use it. Your skin will be soft and smooth and protected from razor burn rash. Sesame has been extensively used as a healing oil for many years and is well known for the treatment of many skin disorders.

To Protect, nourish and soothe your skin…

1. Soften up first: Soft hair shaves better, so if you can, heat with a hot damp cloth, or shower first. The warm water and steam will make shaving easier.

2. Lubricate: Use Ellu Pure pre & post shave oil. Gently massage in a few drops at a time, into your hair growth and all over your facial skin. If you skimp on this step, you’re likely to end up with painful wounds. Lubrication is extremely important to shaving comfortably, it softens the hairs and creates a protective barrier for the skin.

3. Use a brush: Apply a good cream or gel with a brush. It helps raise the hair, creates a creamy lather and helps make for a closer shave.

4. Shave using a clean, sharp razor.

5. Apply Ellu Pure Shave oil again, to work as a post shave balm and support your skin’s natural regenerative process – protecting and rehydrating your skin, and to slow the ageing process!

Why worry about shaving and the health and condition of your skin, when you can have the smoothest, cleanest shave, as well as the healthiest, clearest, most great-smelling skin Keep and use Ellu Pure Pre and Post Oil at room temperature. Keep out of direct sunlight. Make sure your hands are oil free before handling anything.

Some people can have an allergy to Sesame seeds. If you have, or if you think you might have this allergy, don’t use this product. NOTE: If you’re unsure, test a very small amount on a small area before using on a larger area of skin, leave for a few hours to make sure there are no reactions.

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