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Baby Oil



So Gentle On Baby’s Skin

Don’t trust baby’s skin to just any, or numerous, creams or lotions! We only use the purest Organic, Odourless Sesame Oil, and Gorgeous Lavender Essential Oil to use on Baby’s skin. Ellu Pure’s Baby Oil contains no artificial ingredients, just pure health for baby’s skin! Give baby’s skin a perfect blast of vitamins and nutrients and keep it protected and healthy, soft and smelling beautiful.

It moisturises as it nourishes, and protects as it cleanses.

Relaxes as it strengthens.

This is the NATURAL SKIN CARE choice and provides a wealth of essential vitamins and other nutrients to promote healthy skin, and restful sleep. We use Sesame Oil, as it’s the ‘Queen of Oils’ – and has been used for centuries! It’s naturally packed full of vitamin E, K and B6, magnesium, copper, calcium, iron, and zinc. Sesame oil is absorbed very easily. It’s naturally antibacterial, and anti-inflammatory so great for protecting and repairing baby’s delicate skin.

Maximise the wow factors of Ellu Pure Baby Oil and use it for baby massage:

100% organic
Bottled in the UK

Keeps baby’s skin protected and healthy, soft and smelling beautiful! Combines the effects of massage with the amazing benefits of sesame oil. We use Organic Sesame oil as it’s so pure and caring for such a delicate skin. It’s an ancient tried and tested oil and a traditional ‘Ayurvedic’ oil for massage. It’s considered to be the “queen of oils” because of its nourishing qualities.

Use Ellu Pure Baby Oil to harnesses the amazing qualities of the oil and know you’ll be protecting and nourishing baby’s skin every time you use it.

Ideal for moisturising baby’s skin.
With natural anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties it’s effective enough to soothe and prevent rashes and dry skin.
Easily absorbed, doesn’t leave baby’s skin greasy, just soft and smelling beautiful.
Provides a natural blast of vitamins (A, B, E) and minerals to the skin. These types of three minerals are essential to bone development in the body.
Suitable for sensitive skin – Pure, natural and Organic for baby’s delicate skin.

Great for bed-time massage, helps calm and relax baby.

Choosing Ellu Pure’s Baby oil, you are selecting a certified organic oil, assuring you that baby is not being exposed to pesticides or other harmful chemicals. You want to avoid those kind of things on baby’s skin!

1. Slightly warm the oil by placing the bottle in a pot of warmed water. Ensure it is not too hot.

2. In a warm room, place the undressed baby facing up in your lap or on a massage table or mat.

3. After testing the temperature of the oil, take some oil in both hands and apply to the baby’s scalp. Be gentle here as the baby still has a soft spot in the skull.

4. Move down to the arms. Massage by moving down and then up each arm, using long strokes for the long bones, and circular strokes on the joints. Since the baby’s arms are tiny, it often works well to massage gently with your thumbs. Massage the palms and each finger as well. Gentle but firm pressure is good here.

5. Take more oil and repeat the process for the legs.

6. Place some oil on the chest and gently follow along the collar bones. Finish massaging the rest of the chest, then massage the abdomen in large clockwise circles, following the direction that bowel movements flow.

7. Carefully turn the baby over onto the belly, and massage the back and buttocks. Use long strokes (with your thumbs) on the back and flanks, and circular strokes on the buttocks.

8. Gently turn the baby back over to finish on the face, avoiding the eye and mouth areas. Again with gentle strokes, start with upward strokes just above the top of the nose, then long strokes across the forehead.

Massage with circles on the cheeks, then along the nose, above the nose, and along the chin. Also massage both ears, and finish with very gently, long strokes on the front and back of the neck.

You’re done! Wrap the baby snuggly in a blanket, and the baby is usually ready for a great nap.

Warning: Some people are allergic to Sesame seeds. If you or your baby are, or you think you might be, don’t use this product. If you’re unsure, test a very small amount before using on a larger area of skin.

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