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Welcome to Ellu Pure – Good health for your skin
I am delighted you’ve come to Ellu Pure. When you use our products, you have our guarantee that you will go on a skin care experience leaving your skin in the best health it has ever been. I am Diane Ward, the owner of Ellu Pure. I’ve used Sesame oil on my own skin and my family’s skin for over 20 years.

I have always used it on my son’s skin, from when he was a new born, and he now asks to ‘get some of that oil daddy uses’ every morning and after showering – and he’s only 9! But I can guarantee, by the time he reaches 40, he will have amazing skin … and hair. I decided it was time to open up on the secrets this tiny seed holds, and the monumental benefits you can get from using on your skin.

Now, believe me, when I first told people I use Sesame oil on my skin, their first reaction is ‘really – is it not that oil with the toasted smell?” Actually – no, not at all! Our Sesame oil is completely odourless… it’s organic and made for use on skin. Nothing added and nothing removed, just pure! The only smell you will find is when we blend it with beautiful and carefully selected essential oils, to add an extra layer of pure luxury to your skin and hair.

(For the record…You only get the toasted smell for sesame oil prepared for use with food not our cosmetic blend!)

Why we use Sesame Oil
It’s such a beautiful oil to use on your skin, and, it really looks after it! It has a gentle side, a clever side, and has a variety of benefits, so much so that this all-in-one ‘geniuse oil’, does not need anything else to boost it, or be added into it.

We know there are plenty of anti-aging products that you can use, but sesame oil offers natural benefits without chemical ingredients, or other ingredients that need boosted. Sesame oil has not been highly marketed as a skin product in its own right, so that’s why you’ve been missing out on this magical oil has to offer.

However, when it is reported on, it’s referred to as the ‘Genius oil’ and the ‘Queen of oils’. Truthfully, sesame seed oil is often one of many ingredient in several beauty products you can buy on the shelf.

But it is such a super oil, that is needs to be singled out and given its rightful place of honour…And that’s what we do at Ellu Pure!

Our mission at Ellu Pure

It’s to bring you nothing put pure sesame seed oil, naturally rich in antioxidants, always packed full of all the good stuff—Vitamin E, lecithin, minerals, proteins, and amino acids. It will moisturize, protect your skin with it’s antibacterial, antifungal, antiviral, antioxidant, and anti-inflammatory properties. And, it slows the aging-process of the skin!

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